Non-Custodial Bitcoin Wallet

Store, receive and send Bitcoins.
No whistles and bells. No BS.
Available on Windows, Mac and Linux

With only three HTTPS calls, SecureBTCWallet is the safest go-to-address for HODLers.

Secure BTC Wallet's security model, explained in seven easy steps:

  1. Non-Custodial: Unlike Binance and Coinbase, only you have control of the assets in the wallet. Uses mnemonic code (BIP39) for generating deterministic keys.
  2. Instructional: Guides you with the best practices to keep your Bitcoin safe and sound.
  3. Bitcoin-only: Simpler means more secure.
  4. Not An Exchange: Because didn't we just say, simpler means more secure.
  5. Minimal Network Exposure: The only times when we access the internet is to query your balance, check the network fees, and to broadcast your signed transaction. We do not store any personally identifiable info.
  6. Slim Code: SecureBTCWallet is written from scratch in the most compact form, and with minimal external dependencies.
  7. Security by Obscurity: SecureBTCWallet is closed-source to keep it off of preying eyes. It is audited internally, and it's open to outside audit by reputable parties.


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